Ubuntu 14.04 Release Date Set and Here Are My Expectations

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The release date of the next LTS version of Ubuntu after 12.04 is finally set in the Ubuntu Wiki which is the 17th of April 2014. Ever since I downgraded from 13.04 (the non-LTS version) to 12.04, I had been a bigger fan of the LTS despite … [Continue reading]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Open Source

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  Today, there are many companies and governments are using open source software. You can say the main reason is because they are cheap and I totally agree with you but that is not really the reason why open source is a good choice … [Continue reading]

7 Things Windows Can’t Do But Your Ubuntu Can

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Alright. I heard enough of what I can't do on Linux. Yes, I admit that there are couple of things that I can't do such as using Evernote, Google Drive and playing games on Linux and I hate that. However, there are always pros and cons and since … [Continue reading]

How to Show Progress When Copying Files in Linux Terminal

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It is true that the Ubuntu today is practically usable with your mouse clicking around but at times, it is a good idea to use the terminal to do some of your things as well. When I first get into the Linux terminal, one of my major problem is … [Continue reading]

Open Source Buddy Update is Now Available via Email

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One of the minor change of Open Source Buddy design is the right sidebar. Notice that I had recently added a widget for email subscription. So, what will you get by subscribing to Open Source Buddy subscription? Post update. Whenever I make a … [Continue reading]

You Actually Saved $279.97 When You Go Open Source

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Have you ever thought how much you could actually save when you don't use Windows? Yeps, you are actually saving $279.97 today when you start using purely open source software. How did I come out with such numbers?   1. Windows 8 I … [Continue reading]

Managing To-do List and Note Taking in Ubuntu with Nitro

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One of my favourite apps in Ubuntu when it comes to managing my to-do list is using the Nitro. It is not any complicated app that is feature-rich. It is not a paid and expensive app. It is probably not something Windows user will use because it … [Continue reading]

10 Ubuntu Apps That I Can’t Live Without

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If you are new to Ubuntu, I'm sure opening the Ubuntu Software Center doesn't give you much clue on what you really need. I knew that because I was there before . After months of running with Ubuntu Linux, I finally have a list of software where I … [Continue reading]

Cleaning and Tweaking Ubuntu with Ubuntu Tweak

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When you use your system long enough, you will realize that it started to collect rubbish or temporary files that you don't really need them. In Windows, you have a tool called Disk Cleanup which helps you to free up more space but what about in … [Continue reading]

All you need to know to start using Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One from Unity

Ubuntu One comes by default with Ubuntu Operating System installation. Having it installed by default doesn't mean that you will use it or use it to the max. I had been a big fan of Dropbox, another cloud storage service but I am still using … [Continue reading]